Stant Superstat Mustang Heavy Duty Thermostat 195degF Alt Temp

Stant Superstat Mustang Heavy Duty Thermostat 195degF Alt Temp


  • £21.60

Stant Premium Quality Thermostat to fit all Classic Ford Mustangs

195 Degree F Alternate Temp Thermostat 

Unlike conventional thermostats that continually open and close to achieve the proper operating temperature and flood the engine with coolant, the Stant SuperStat® thermostat has a unique v-notch, non-linear design that reduces cycling by precisely metering the amount of coolant needed to maintain proper operating temperature.


  • V-notch provides a small initial flow. As the engine heats up, the v-notch gradually opens wider, metering coolant into the system until the desired engine temperature is reached.
  • High strength stainless steel flange is burnished to a bright finish for additional stress relief and added corrosion resistance.
  • Thicker than most competitor thermostats and our standard reverse poppet thermostat for added strength and longer life.
  • The power element of SuperStat® is comparable to those used in heavy-duty trucks. Its actuator piston is larger in diameter than the standard thermostat and competitive product. This larger piston delivers 1-1/2 times the power of our standard thermostat and almost 2-1/2 times as much power as the competition for enhanced durability and longer life.
  • The opening spring of the Stant SuperStat® thermostat is designed with a load that is 50% stronger than our standard reverse poppet thermostat. This heavy-duty spring helps return the thermostat to the closed position and prevent cold running, even under the most adverse conditions.

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