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KYB Camaro Front Performance Shock Absorber Gas-A-Just 67-69

KYB Camaro Front Performance Shock Absorber Gas-A-Just 67-69

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KYB Gas-A-Just Performance Front Shock Absorber for 67-69 Chevrolet Camaro.

KYB Gas-A-Just monotube shocks and struts offer additional performance advantages over the twin-tube design. They instantly and automatically adjust to greater handling and control needs with no performance fade due to aeration. KYB Gas-A-Just shocks have two separate working chambers - an air-free hydraulic piston and valve area for responsiveness and control and a second high-pressure Nitrogen gas area with a floating piston that provides a comfortable ride during normal driving but adds instant performance on demand.

  • Adds up to 25% more damping performance over original equipment shocks
  • Triple chrome-plated piston rod and multi-lip oil seals reduce wear
  • Solid, seamless mounting eye rings and bolt bushings can't separate and become noisy
  • Chemically bonded insulator mounting bushings won't slip out
  • A Teflon-coated or phenolic piston band reduces friction and provides a positive cylinder seal
  • Specially formulated hydraulic fluid with multi-range viscosity for any weather or climate

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