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Mustang Ignition Coil 1.0-1.7 Ohms - & Various American Vehicles 1948-88

Mustang Ignition Coil 1.0-1.7 Ohms - & Various American Vehicles 1948-88

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Ignition Coil for classic Ford Mustangs and many other American vehicles

Please contact us for applications.

Resistance in Ohms:
Primary 200 Scale 1.0 - 1.7
Secondary 200 Scale 6.5k - 14.5k

WVE Engineers nested a black plastic sleeve made of high-dielectric strength material inside the larger secondary winding in the DIS coil to prevent the current from jumping from winding to winding - making it no longer the path of least resistance - coil and module life extended!


  • Highly conductive aluminum towers
  • Segregated secondary bobbin
  • Precision wound copper primary winding
  • High dielectric sleeve (improvement over OE)


  • Extremely low secondary coil resistance
  • The best winding conductivity and durability available
  • High voltage output
  • Minimizes internal shorting
  • Longer coil life
  • Reduces ICM (ignition control module) stress


Connector Gender Male
Ignition Type Standard
Mounting Bracket Included No
Oil Filled Yes
Requires External Resistor Yes
Terminal Gender Male
Terminal Quantity 2
Terminal Type Threaded
Voltage 12 Volts

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