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Charger Hood/Bonnet/Fender Bumper Kit 68-70

Charger Hood/Bonnet/Fender Bumper Kit 68-70

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Hood/Fender bumper Kit for all 68-70 Dodge Chargers.

METRO rubber is made from an advanced, proprietary EPDM formula which has superior ozone and UV resistance. METRO's rubber products are moulded using high heat and 40-to-125 tons of pressure, which gives them a longer life and clean, smooth looks.

METRO's parts quality, look and feel usually surpasses the quality of the original rubber parts. All the fine details of the original parts are precisely duplicated, even the details that won't show after installation. The most advanced materials combined with the latest technologies make METRO rubber the highest quality rubber parts available.

Supplied as a 21 piece kit.

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