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65Era Comb & Bottle Opener

65Era Comb & Bottle Opener

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As important as your ride is to you, your appearance should be too, especially while you're cruising around in it. Whether you have a 'tache, epic beard or a good ol' mullet, BLVD Chromb has you covered.

They've spent hours detailing this fine line of cranium detailers to ensure you can dial in your ugly mug. Perhaps more importantly their combs will also assist you in cracking open a cold one for that special someone who is only talking to you because they saw your fine choice of comb.

All BLVD Chromb combs are made from quality 13G 304 stainless steel with the process from concept to shipping being all about the details. Each comb has been measured and tested, from tooth distance to a deburr process and removing bottle caps. They are then individually hand finished in house.

These combs aren't only cool, they function like you need them to. The time spent developing these from idea to reality guarantees a quality product that you'll want to keep for years.

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