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Energy Suspension Mustang Tie Rod Red Polyurethane Dust Seals 67-73

Energy Suspension Mustang Tie Rod Red Polyurethane Dust Seals 67-73

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Energy Suspension Strut Rod Red Polyurethane Bush Kit for 67-73 Ford Mustang Models

For Base Models

Supplied as a pair.

Energy Suspension offers the finest polyurethane suspension components in the automotive aftermarket. They manufacture their products in-house from the initial R&D stages, to chemical formulation, molding and final packaging to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. This ability produces a genuine American-made product.

HYPER-FLEX™ is Energy Suspension's unique and technically advanced chemical formulation performance polyurethane. HYPER-FLEX™ has been used on Energy's products that have been awarded 9 U.S. Patents.


Durability is superior to most rubber components that are used for cars, trucks and SUVs. Road salt, oil and a host of other common under car contaminants will eventually destroy the rubber bushings on your vehicles, not to mention the weight and torque forces that typically compress most rubber permanently!

HYPER-FLEX™ replacement polyurethane components stand up well to contaminants that often destroy rubber and have been engineered to give longer-lasting performance and not compress permanently.

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