The Trip Out 2015 - The Year of the Van!

So, the beginning of September saw our annual pilgrimage to The Trip Out, we even bought a Chevy Day Van to do it right this year, this was a sign of things to come...

There has always been a contingent of cool vans at The Trip Out but 2015 saw a big increase with plenty of Ford Econolines and Dodge Tradesman and Sportsman vans. Trip Out organiser Andy Porter, also arrived in his own Econoline, now infamously known as the 'Paedo Killer'.

We think US vans are going to get more and more popular in the UK and maybe even eat into the currently popularity of 50's Ford F1 and Chevy pickups. Keep a check on our online store as we're sourcing some cool new parts as we write this... :)

Of course being the Trip Out there were also 100's of cool bikes on show and new for this year, a custom helmet display.

Mix this Hot Rods, Gassers, Customs, Rat Rods and lots of other cool stuff, 2015 was another classic year for the Trip Out and is a testament to all the hardwork put in by the organisers.

No confirmation it's on yet for next year but it'll be a crime if it's not, hopefully see you there! Until then we'll sign off with this...

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