Wilwood Smart Pad BP10 Brake Pads for Classic Series Dynalite Calipers


  • £86.31

Wilwood Classic Series Dynalite Replacement Front Brake Pads

Fits 65-69 Mustang Classic Dynalite Brake Kits and other Wilwood Dynalite Caliper Applications.

Wilwood Smart Pad BP-10 brake pads feature a medium-friction compound with the low noise and low dust of a street performance compound, combined with the increased friction characteristics of a semi-metallic race compound.

They feature smooth engagement with consistent braking response from a flat torque curve throughout their entire effective temperature range. These pads have good low-to-middle temperature wear rates, they bed-in quickly and provide a fast response without excessive abrasion on vented iron rotors.

They are ideal for high performance street/strip, drag race and track-day events when combined with vented iron brake discs.

Notes: Replacement for Wilwood Dynalite brake kits. Supplied as a car set.

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