Wilwood Classic Series Dynalite Mustang 65-69 Front Disc Brake Kit


  • £999.98

Wilwood Classic Series Dynalite Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit for 65-69 Mustang Models originally equipped with 5 stud V8 spindles.

Wilwood Classic Series Dynalite front brake kits deliver consistent stopping power for your classic Mustang. The forged Dynalite calipers combine technology and style to create stronger, more reliable piston power that's proven to outperform existing types of this popular caliper size. The complete package includes plain surface vented rotors, premium brake pads, brackets and all required hardware. These kits retain the classic looks of your mustang but provide up-to-date stopping power and safety.


Will fit under 14" factory steel wheels.

Use of a bias valve may be required to provide the best braking efficiency and feel (not included in kit).

Only for original 5 stud Mustangs with either front drum or disc brakes.

Disc Brake Spindles need re-drilling and tapping to 3/8-24" UNF

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