SKF Mustang Differential Pinion Seal for Ford 9" Rear Axle

SKF Mustang Differential Pinion Seal for Ford 9" Rear Axle


  • £25.29

SKF Differential Pinion Seal for Ford 9" rear axles.

SKF seals deliver unparalleled performance over a wide range of operating conditions for most automotive and truck applications. Their sealing products include conventional rubber shaft seals, PTFE seals and low friction seals. All are made from the OE specified or better materials for each application.

For 9" Ring Gear with 28 Spline Axle Shaft

Features & Benefits:
  • Seal lip profile - All SKF seals incorporate a seal lip design that meets or exceeds the OE specifications. This provides the toughest exclusion of dirt and contaminants, reliable dynamic sealing and a long service life.
  • Sealing element - SKF’s synthetic rubber blends are formulated from families of complex polymers to provide protection to operate in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees to as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Today’s lubricants with their aggressive additive packages can attack the rubber compound of the seal. SKF seals are engineered to be compatible with these lubricants.
  • Case - The case components are made from the highest grade of carbon steel, and are coated with phosphate to ensure protection against rust. Most metal-cased seals are coated with Bore-Tite, a flexible coating on the outside diameter of the seal that fills in small housing bore imperfections, and provides a tight and leak proof seal.

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