Mustang New Premium Starter Motor 6cyl 64-70

Mustang New Premium Starter Motor 6cyl 64-70

WAI Global

  • £185.93

WAI Global Professional Grade 100% New Starter for 1964-1970 Mustang 6-Cylinder cars.

WAI Global Starters are designed to exceed the performance of the original starter in your vehicle or any remanufactured starter sold as a replacement.

Features & Benefits:
  • Consistent starting power with a high quality solenoid that properly engages the starter drive with the flywheel in your vehicle every time the ignition key is turned
  • High standards for components like wiring, brushes, insulation, bearings and coatings for consistent performance in all environmental conditions
  • High performance machining of the starter casing for ease of installation and solid joining of the starter housing and your vehicle's mounting surfaces
  • Dynamic design, innovative technology, and easy to install.
  • WAI units incorporate many features to optimize wear resistance and deliver consistent performance, including OEM-Type Diodes on rectifier assemblies and welded diode to rectifier lead frame assembly

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