Mustang Heater Core Aluminium 64-68 (W/O AC)

Mustang Heater Core Aluminium 64-68 (W/O AC)


  • £64.33

Aluminium Heater Core for 64-68 Ford Mustang models without air conditioning.

A properly functioning Heater Core will keep your Mustang warm inside; which in the UK is essential to driver and passenger comfort.

Product Features:

  • Designed to be drop-in fit, with OE-like construction; from number of tubes to placement of cooling fins.
  • Ensures optimal and efficient heat distribution, allowing warm air to be generated for use in the cabin.
  • Quality materials and stringent assembly processes ensure durable Heater Cores that you only need to purchase and install once.
TYC's Commitment to Quality
  • Design: All TYC products are meticulously designed using the most advanced simulation software and tooling development technology.
  • Processes: The latest technologies are used in the creation of all TYC products.
  • Vehicle Test Fit: Prototypes are created and mounted onto a vehicle. Any adjustment needed is made prior to market release to ensure drop-in, hassle-free installation.
  • Accelerated Fatigue Test: An array of tests is conducted to assure top-notch quality products. Fatigue tests, such as abrasion, humidity, rain, salt spray, and vibration are applied to meet or exceed DOT/SAE and industry standards.

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