Mustang 65-73 Front Shock Absorber - Lower Bush

Mustang 65-73 Front Shock Absorber - Lower Bush


  • £23.97

Fitment: Front Shock Absorber Lower Bush
(Refer to diagram)
Year: 65-73
Quantity: Car Set

About SuperPro Suspension Bushes

SuperPro’s Polyurethane Material is unique. It has been specially developed for over 30 years and is formulated to deal with the demands of suspension systems on cars working in the world’s most demanding environments, yet still be used on your daily driver.

SuperPro is available in 4 material hardnesses and each bush is carefully designed to use the optimum material for the demands of each location on the car. This means that a typical SuperPro set for your Mustang will use 3 or 4 different materials giving you a high performing, long lasting suspension bush that does not sacrifice the ride quality or cause damage to other components.

SuperPro's voiding and bullet grooves create room for displaced polyurethane to move as load is applied during normal vehicle operation.  Even though polyurethane is in a solid form when it is manufactured into bushes, its unique properties enable it flow in a manner similar to a liquid when loaded.  The action of the bush flowing into its voids prevents the generation of noise, vibration and harshness within the bush and its mount.

Yes there are cheaper polyurethane bushes out there but doesn't your Mustang deserve the best?

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