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Mustang New Alternator 64-72

Mustang New Alternator 64-72

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100% New Alternator for Mustang 64-72.

55 Amp Alternator suitable for:
Optional Equipment - 55 Amp
Standard Equipment - 40 Amp

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Pure Energy New alternators must pass rigorous reliability testing before leaving the factory floor. Superior components, advanced manufacturing techniques, unparalleled performance and reliability are some of the reasons Pure Energy parts are prized by professionals.

Features & Benefits:
  • New Lead-Free Brushes are extensively tested to ensure unmatched performance & reliability.
  • Premium Quality Bearings prevent internal galling and premature bearing failure.
  • Pressure-Fit High Capacity Diodes provide improved heat dissipation and a longer service life
  • Precision Polished Slip-Rings ensure maximum electrical contact while preventing possible arcing and voltage spikes.
  • Double Insulated Rotors & Stators maintain a more stringent electrical signal, reduces internal shorts, as well as reduced electrical signal degradation that a thinner insulation may cause.

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