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Gates Mustang Lower Radiator Hose V8 64-69

Gates Mustang Lower Radiator Hose V8 64-69

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Gates Lower Radiator Hose for 64-69 Ford Mustang V8.

Gates moulded coolant hose.

Gates is the Automotive Aftermarket leader in the unique Modular assembly coolant hose segment. Gates Modular Radiator Hose is manufactured to fit specific applications. Similar to OEM specifications and includes specific essential integrated OE components such as; hose branches, quick-connectors, sensors, restrictors, etc.


  • Heat and ozone resistant cover.
  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation - the leading cause of hose failure.
  • Re-engineered materials resist vacuum collapse; this reduces the need for internal springs in many applications.
  • SAE 20R4 and 20R3 Type EC Class D-1 and D-2 specifications.
  • Temperature rating: -40° F to 275° F (-40° C to 135° C) in coolant hose applications.
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